Ricky + Jess - Hawskmoor, London

Ricky and Jess began their day by travelling together on the tube to their venue, Hawksmore in Bank, London. There were so many different backdrops to use along the way, especially as the underground is so recognisable, we had to take advantage! The wedding venue itself was stunning; a beautiful Art Deco style room that looked like it was straight out of a film. The colours, symmetry, windows, lighting - just everything looked effortlessly classy.

After Ricky and Jess had taken their vows (and an outfit change from Jess), we went for a walk around the backstreets, along to the appropriately named 'Love Lane' for some more couple shots. Again, these two managed to nail the 'effortlessly cool' vibe down to a tee. At this point I left them to the rest of their celebrations as I was booked for half a day. Scroll down for some shots from the day!

Second shooting for Tom Calton Weddings